Estate Planning

Do You Have an Estate Plan?

Estate Planning is an important yet often overlooked area of life planning.  It is easy to downplay its significance and put off implementing one.  To ignore our responsibilities in this planning area is irresponsible to those we love and leave behind. The best time to plan is early, and we can help you take care of this as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Estate Planning Columbus OH

General Estate Planning:

Everyone has an estate plan. The question is, did you choose yours or are you going to let the state default you into theirs? If you haven’t at least drafted your will(s), Power of Attorney(s), titled your assets correctly, and updated your beneficiaries on Life Insurance and Retirement Plans, then you need to get moving. You could complete all of these things in less than an hour if you put your mind to the task. Schedule today and get started!

Advanced Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer Optimization:

Beyond making your simple estate plan lies the more complex issues of multi-generational planning. This can have an enormous impact on your business, family, beneficiaries, tax liability, etc. The decisions you make will determine if your business out-lives you, how your estate is split, may preserve your family’s relationships, may limit your tax liabilities, and ensure that your affairs pass quickly and privately. We can help you build and coordinate a team (attorney, accountant, financial planner, and trust entity) of professionals who can address your unique situation so that you can get back to living your life for today, knowing that if the unexpected happens, you have a solid plan and things will be taken care of.

Estate Planning Columbus OH

Learn What a Trust is:

Learn What an ILIT is:

Dig deeper into this area of trust to begin to learn more about removing assets from your estate and how it might benefit you. This is a complex area of estate planning and you should consult your financial, tax, and legal professionals before taking any actions

Special Needs Planning:

Estate Planning Columbus OH

If you have a family member or other loved one that has a disability or special need, we can help you build that consideration into your financial and estate plan. Whether we need to provide for the needs of your loved one who is more self-sufficient or whether we are planning to take care of them completely while maintaining public and private assistance, we can help.

Other Niche Estate Planning Scenarios:

We are one of the few firms out there that will help you plan with non-standard scenarios and assumptions.  Including, but not limited to:

– Planning across multiple states/countries that require specialized planning.

– Non-traditional family structures.

– Non-traditional planning assumptions (abnormally long/short life expectancies, high/low growth/inflation assumptions, and other uncommon variable permutations).

– Other scenarios not listed: We do not judge.  We will help you plan how you want or need to.

*Please note that rebel Financial does not provide legal advice and nothing on this page should be construed as such.  We consult with your/our attorney(s) through the entire estate planning process.  You should consult with your attorney or you may ask us for a referral to an attorney in your local community before implementing any estate plan.*

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