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FeeX is a new platform that will allow us to manage your portfolios more efficiently. This means we will be able to help you build more wealth through holistic planning, tax management, and consolidated reporting.

About FeeX

The Key to Greater Retirement

Retirement accounts can grow 76% larger when actively managed by financial advisors.

FeeX enables this growth by allowing advisors to manage and trade retirement accounts as part of a holistic portfolio.

Studies show that actively managed 401(k) generates 3.3% higher returns per year, net of fees, than accounts without active management. This compounding effect yields up to 76% more wealth over 20 years.

*Source FeeX.com

See how FeeX could generate 3.3% higher returns:

How do you get started?

  • Let us know you're interested in FeeX

    Fill out the “Get Started Now” form above or reach out to your Advisor to get the process started.

  • Getting Started

    After you express interest in FeeX, one of our staff members will reach out to you to start the onboarding process.

  • Account Set-up

    After talking to a staff member, you will be able to set up your credentials for your FeeX account.

  • Account Confirmation

    Once your account is connected, you will receive confirmation from our staff and any assistance you need with your Account.

  • Credential Change

    If there is a change in your credentials or multi-factor authentication, you will need to share the update with a rebel Financial staff member.

While FeeX is available to all levels of clients, it is a paid service charged at the same rate as your other accounts managed by rebel Financial. Unfortunately, we cannot debit the fee in the linked FeeX account directly. Your fee must be debited out of an existing non-retirement account that rebel Financial manages for you.

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